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Our Team

Kyle Wang


Firdaus Husaini

Vice President & Finance

Robert Bourguignon

Vice President

Yuke Liang


Jialuo Gao

Web Dev Lead

Mitchell Schaller

Projects Management

Harshita Bhatt


Jiazhi Yang

Advertising Chair

Neeshan Khanikar

Event Executive

Suramay Pidara


Who we are

Code for Good(CORGi) is a student group focusing on the intersection of computer technology and community service to create social change.
Our mission is to expand the use of technology as a force for good, minimize the potential harms of technology, and support new generation of global leaders working at the intersection of technology and social impact.

What do we do

We aim to build community for CS badgers to improve problem-solving skill and leadership, connect with Corgis who are passionate in creating social impacts and share inspirations and ideas.

How to get involved

The easiest way to get involved is to let us know your innovative ideas of new applications. If you feel confidant in your problem solving skills, you can also join us to help achieving the most brilliant ideas proposed by other people in this community. Contact us at [email protected]